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My Internship Experience - Maja 3

My Internship Experience – Maja

Before I came here to do my internship at Global Voices, I had my own thoughts of what I could expect to learn and what my future experiences would turn out to be.


For my own personal motivations, it was important for me to be able to learn about cultural differences, that was why I went abroad in the first place. It was important to be able to work in an office where the communication varies, compared to what I’d been used to. It has definitely been a positive part of the experience I’ve had here. My stay here has been very rewarding for me.

I’ve learned how to deal with sales management and telemarketing, which had been a struggle for me in the beginning. It was a learning process for me, where it could be very hard to reach the results you wanted. Over time and with all the help you were provided with, I learned how to do a better job in sales. I got to a place where I could be satisfied with the calls that I was doing and see some results.

Overall I’ve been very happy during my stay at Global Voices, I can take a lot of experience home with me. The working environment in the office is also an extra experience that I can bring home with me, and say that I’ve been very satisfied with the working environment and the tasks I’ve been given.


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