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The world’s happiest languages 2

The world’s happiest languages

A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Vermont’s Computational Story Lab revealed the world’s happiest languages is Spanish.

They looked at the words used in each language and which used more positive words than negative ones. Did your language appear in the top 5?

  1. Spanish

Global-Voices-translation-agency-article-spanishSpanish has been revealed as the happiest language in the world. According to the study, native speakers use more positive words than negative and have a more optimistic outlook.



  1. Brazilian

With similar resonance as the Spanish tone, the Brazilian mother tongue also promotes happiness and enjoyment.

  1. Portuguese

Ranked as third happiest language, Portuguese is full of emotions. The language earned its place as 3rd in the list, partially due to the fact that many words use onomatopoeia to create words like ‘kkkkkk’ to explain laugher (similar to hahaha).

  1. English

It is at the fourth position that we find English. Recently considered as the loveliest accent in the world, English is also seen as an elegant language.

  1. Indonesian

Rounding out the top was Indonesian which uses a lot of positive words. The language has a dynamic rhythm which also helps in liking this language.

Other top languages which appeared in the top ten included German, Russian and Chinese!

This study analysed the happiest languages around the world based on their use in popular culture such as song lyrics and on Twitter. What do you think of this ranking? From your own experiences, which languages do you considered as being ‘happy’?

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