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How to say Thank You in… 2

How to say Thank You in…

How to say Thank You in… 1

Being able to express simple gratitude such as a simple “Thank You” in another language is an easy way to overcome cross-cultural barriers and show your polite intentions to your hosts.

Whether at a business meeting or dinner party you will probably at some point need to say Thank You, so here is a list of some common(and uncommon) languages and how to say thank you.

How to say Thank You in…

  • Chamorro: Si yuus maasi
  • Croatian: Hvala
  • Danish (Denmark, Greenland): Tak
  • Dutch (Netherlands, Belgium): Dank je
  • Dutch (Netherlands): Bedankt
  • Egyptian: Dua Netjer en ek
  • Esperanto: Dankon
  • Estonian: Tänan
  • French : Merci beaucoup
  • German: Danke schön
  • Greek: Sas efharisto
  • Hebrew: Toda
  • Icelandic: Takk fyrir
  • Indonesian: Terima Kasih
  • Italian: Grazie
  • Japanese: Arigato
  • Korean: Komapsumnida
  • Lao: Khwap jai
  • Latin: Gratia
  • Latvian: Paldies
  • Lithuanian: Achiu
  • Maltese: Grazzi
  • Polish: Dziekuje
  • Portuguese: Obrigado (m) | Obrigada (f)
  • Russian: Spasibo
  • Scottish Gaelic: Tapadh Leat
  • Slovak: Dakujem
  • Spanish: Gracias
  • Swedish: Tack
  • Telugu (India): Dhanyavaadaalu
  • Thai (Thailand): Khawp Khun
  • Turkish: Sagol
  • Ukrainian: Dyakooyu
  • Vietnamese: Cám ơn
  • Welsh: Diolch yn fawr
  • Wolof: Jerejef

These are just a few languages that we cover for professional translation and interpretation services, we translate in over 140 languages, all of which can be viewed at our languages page.

How do you say “Thank You”? What other languages do you know “Thank You” in? Let us know in the comments!

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