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Endangered Languages 2

Endangered Languages

Language is an evolving nature; it changes, develops and often moves on.  It is estimated that there are around 7,000 different languages spoken around the world but each year we lose 25 mother tongue languages. This is due to the fact that between 500 and 1,000 languages are only spoken by a handful of people.

Endangered Languages 1

Endangered Languages is a collaborative project supported by Google, which was set up with the aim of preserving global diversity. They say that around 40% of all languages are under threat of extinction. The project is run to encourage language speakers to upload videos and audio to share knowledge and experience of these dying and rare languages.

In addition to the Endangered Language project, the EU has a European Language Diversity For All programme, designed to protect the most threatened native tongues.

These projects are important in the preservation of rare and dying languages. These languages are a part of our history and culture, therefore isn’t it our responsibility to ensure we are teaching our children these languages in our homes and schools?

Here at Global Voices we have an extensive network of translators who speak around 140 different languages, allowing us to cater for a wide variety of language translation and interpretation needs right across the world. We are always looking to expand that network to include various different languages from Lozi to Wolof.

Do you know any rare languages? Do you think it is important to preserve these dying languages? Let us know.

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