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Whisky Galore! 2

Whisky Galore!

Know fondly as the “Elixir of Life” or “Uisge beatha” in Scottish Gaelic; Scottish whisky was the first internationally traded spirit drink!

As a Scottish based company, Global Voices are proud to celebrate this famous export and the part we play in helping producers promote their whiskies internationally through our consumer goods translation services.

The whisky industry contributes £5 billion to the UK economy; representing 75% of Scotland’s food and drink exports and 25% of the UK’s as a whole. In France, it beats Cognac sales, with more whisky sold in a month than Cognac in a year! Approximately 40 bottles are exported every second, and 1.26 billion shipped per year.

To Scots, whisky is more than a beverage; it’s a statement, a symbol, a romantic attachment to their rich heritage – for some even a religion! Most of today’s operating distilleries are established throughout 4 distinct regions of Scotland: the Highlands, Lowlands, Islands and Speyside (the heart of Scotland’s whisky industry). Each of these regions produces its own unique malts, delivering a specific taste to each brand.

Why Global Voices?

The whisky experience is an emotive one. Whisky connects you to centuries of clan history, to glens, to lochs full of trout and rivers full of salmon, to heather-covered hills where wild deer roam free and endless beaches of golden sand. It’s about the people, the places and the memories. It’s Scotland in a glass!

That’s what lovers of whisky are buying in to. That’s the emotional experience your product, your brand and your brand-messaging need to deliver. Will potential new customers in Taiwan, Russia, China or South America truly grasp your brand USP if it’s only written in English?

Translation takes the experience from an academic one to an emotive one. Communicating in the language people think in, provides a more meaningful (and emotional) connection; making ‘translation’ a strategic differentiating tool for your global growth strategy.

This is where we come in!

We help companies globalise their websites, we translate marketing materials, packaging, labels and more, across 140 languages. We provide Interpreters to ensure international visitors get the very best experience on Distillery Tours.

Our professionalism and experience in providing consumer goods translation services will help new audiences fall in love with your product, raise your global profile and strengthen your competitive advantage.

At Global Voices we are passionate about supporting the continuing growth and development of the Scottish whisky industry.

To find out more about how we can complement your growth strategy and global marketing activities through our consumer goods translation services, contact us at: info@www.globalvoices.co.uk or by phone: 0845 130 1170.

We look forward to hearing from you.  “SLAINTE!”

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