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Translating Success for Tourism

The world is coming to Scotland – How do you plan on welcoming them?

T in the Park, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Edinburgh International Film Festival, FEI European Eventing Championship, The Turner Prize, IPC Swimming World Championships, World Gymnastics Championships and the 2015, Open Golf Championship at St Andrews…

…these are just some of the events drawing international visitors to Scotland this year; alongside the scenery, the castles, the museums, the whisky, the people and the weather!

Is your business prepared to deliver a truly warm welcome?  Have you considered providing translations for product info / tours / brochures / maps / guides / visitor site information / signage / directions / menus / labels / packaging / transportation / accommodation….and all such customer-facing content?

If we only offer communications in the English-language then we’re at risk of alienating the majority of visitors…and losing potential business. However, if we make the effort to provide translated materials then we’ll not only demonstrate a truly warm “Welcome”, we’ll make it easier for international guests to spend their time and money with us.

When we communicate with people in the language they think in, we make their experience an emotive one and not an academic one.  The most powerful business-influencer is the voice inside your customer’s head. If your global customer isn’t thinking in English then are they fully grasping the value of what you can offer them?

Think about your last international holiday – did you eat at a restaurant that didn’t have an English-language version of its menu?

Another example is your website; it’s your shop-front to the world. As people in China, Russia, Germany, South America, Taiwan, Korea, India, Vietnam and elsewhere start to plan their UK visit – how many already feel emotionally connected to your brand, product, service or location because they read about you in their own mother-tongue language?

It’s time we worked smarter not harder!

Let Global Voices partner with you to truly differentiate your business. We’ll help you engage meaningfully with your global audience and strengthen your competitive-advantage.

Contact me to discuss further: neil.findlay@www.globalvoices.co.uk


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