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From the Mind to the Heart 2

From the Mind to the Heart

Learning & Development, Training, Teaching, Presenting?

What more can you do to help students, staff or audiences grasp the full meaning of your subject to better understand it and drive the messages home?

How can you help them have the ‘Light Bulb Moment’?


Have you considered using teaching translation services to translate your course materials and content into the native language of your target audience (if English is not their mother-tongue)?

It’s proven that we absorb, understand and grasp new information far quicker and more fully, when it’s in our native language.

Try these tips which customers of our teaching translation services are finding highly effective:

  • Translate the course overview into the specific languages of your audience; even if you deliver the body of the course in English
  • After the class, make content available to download in all relevant languages
  • Prepare materials or hand-outs in-advance for the languages of your audience
  • Engage interpreters to translate the spoken word via headphone in real-time

The benefits our customers have found:

  • Increase in positive feedback from audiences
  • Increase of pass rates
  • Increase of staff performance
  • Increase of repeat course bookings
  • Increase of student demand

To find out how Global Voices’ teaching translation services can help you and your organisation deliver more meaningful training and development, enhancing the results from your teaching and presentations; please contact us today.


Neil Findlay – International Business Manager


+44 7957 328 576

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