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Google adds Latin to Translation Service 2

Google adds Latin to Translation Service

Google adds Latin to Translation Service 1

Last week, Google increased its automated translation service by adding the ability to translate Latin to Google Translate.

It is the 58th language to be added to the automated translation service, and is the only language that has no native speakers. Latin is no longer used in the modern world except for one or two special cases.

Google sees the main use of it’s Latin translation service will be by students, around 100,000 US based students study classical language every year.

It has to be said though that as of the time of writing this article, Latin translations on the tool are not completely accurate, although it can be used for a bit of fun to translate those old Roman scripts or that motto you wanted to know the meaning of. If your business needs a high-quality translation service, look no further than Global Voices.

Google Translate of course produces better translations over time as more people use the translation service and contribute better translations, although machine translations will never be 100% accurate or produce quality translations. Global Voices translation services also cover Latin translations, and if this is a service you require or any other language combination for that fact then visit our website.

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