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Costs of Translation Services in the UK for Immigrants Soars by 40%

Costs of Translation Services in the UK for Immigrants Soars by 40%

Housing Association

The UK government are again calling for tougher language tests for new immigrants as costs associated with translation services in the UK have risen by over 40% in the last year, although there has been a plight to reduce the cost of translation services.

Labour, the previous government of the UK laid out £100 million to cover translation services across government and the judicial system while it pledged to slash the bill. Although last year the cost of translation services in this are rose to £140 million.

There have been critics suggesting that these costs are a waste of money and that immigrants should face tough new language tests before entering the country. While this may be a better solution, there may be alternatives to reduce costs for translation services within the government and public sector organisations through centralised translation systems which avoid having to repeatedly translate similar or identical documents. Systems such as Global Voices Video Interpretation system are also new and innovative ways in which to reduce costs of translation services in the UK.

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