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3 Industries That REALLY Need Translators

Many businesses isolate themselves, and their industries, within limited countries by using a single language. Though these companies can go very far within their industry in their own country, this limits their global success. Other businesses need expert translation for safety’s sake, and it must be the best possible quality.

Here are 3 industries in which can really benefit from translation, and it is both lucrative, and incredibly important.

Software companies

From big name games to cutting edge apps, the software industry is full of translation project potential. In fact linguists and translators were heavily involved with Far Cry Primal, creating a prehistoric language for the game, but that was a rare opportunity.

However the same can be said of translating games and software that was originally built and developed in English. Many overlook the importance of translating into other languages, and cultures, to increase exposure and ease of use for non-English language natives. User experience is very important in software, by not translating to other markets software companies can alienate an otherwise attentive audience.

US is the biggest software producer, hence the overwhelming use of English language in the industry. According to statistics, the UK, Germany, France and China are the next largest software industries in the world with a net worth ranging from £20, 000 to £40, 000, and sometimes above £75,000 . For most of the countries, English is the most common second language, which may reduce the sense of urgency to translate work.

Medical translations

The medical industry is in high demand for professional translation services that can focus on difficult task that no ordinary translator can carry out. Pharmaceutical companies have a variety of items that need translating, for instance packaging and labeling, medical instructions, training documents, reports, etc

These technical translations need to be done by highly-specialised translators that have the knowledge of the field or have history of a medical profession. If medical translations go wrong, from the legal side or medicine to the practicing side, it can have terrible consequences.


The banking sector is a competitive industry. To keep up with technological advances, economic conditions and shifts in the market, banks are expected to serve a global audience.

This expectation adds a layer of problems for banks to overcome. Each country has regulations and customs that businesses are to follow if they wish to operate in said country or region. Abiding to the rules is all part of the business.

However, a leading bank stands out from the crowd by it’s ability to reach its customers in a way that no other bank can. This reach can be by capitalising on a new location, or creating a personal touch to garner trust in their customers. No matter when a bank decides to expand, professional translators serve as a major player in this success.

Moreover, it can be more efficient and quicker for companies to use a team of professional translating services to make financial talks run as smoothly as possible. When you need to translate marketing material, reports and contracts, a machine cannot professionally translate. This is due to the fact that it cannot differentiate the use of different cultural dialects. Human translators on the other hand, can guarantee an accurate translation.

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