Medical Transcription Services

At Global Voices we take our position as a leading provider of medical transcription services incredibly seriously. We will only ever provide the medical industry with typists who have extensive knowledge of the sector and a highly developed understanding of its specialist requirements. Our typists are confident and up to date with medical terminology and always operate in accordance with our strict confidentiality policies. These working standards enable us to provide excellent support for the healthcare industry, consistently delivering an efficient and dependable medical transcription service.

Tailored services and turnarounds to suit your requirements

All work returned by agreed deadline

Specialist typists in all business sectors

Reduce your need for temp workers and free up your in-house team

Our quality of service cannot be matched by any competitor

Mistakes do not leave the office

Tell us about your project
Tell us about
your project

Our Quality

Global Voices excels in the professional world with the quality of our services and exceptional customer care. With well-established business processes, which are documented, standardised and certified by ISO 9001:2008 and EN 15038, our staff have the skills and knowledge to ensure that services are delivered on time and in accordance with customer-specific agreements.


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It is vital that a professional and trusted translation and interpretation company is used within this industry as the accuracy and quality of the translation is integral to the success of the product. With years of experience of working with the world’s largest IP companies, access to extensive commercial archive of patents and a portfolio of over 4000 translators, we can match projects to best-suited mother-tongue specialists around the globe and prepare your translations for filing.

Type of work we do:

All types of sound files transcribed into source language or any target language you should require - some example documents we can transcribe are listed below:
Working group meetings
Statements of opinion
Rehabilitation notes
Radiology reports
Q&A sessions
Psychiatric evaluations
Outpatient notes
Medico-legal reports
Medical correspondence
Interview and research
History reports
Expert witness transcription
Expert panel meetings
Discharge summaries
Conference records
Clinical Notes
Pharmaceutical and drug making procedures
Operative and procedure notes
Consultation notes and reports
  • Copy typing - our specialist medical copy-typists can quickly transcribe handwritten notes, reports and correspondence saving you valuable time and resources
  • Document amendment and reformatting - send us your documents with handwritten amendments on these, we will apply amendments in your house style and return completed version to you.Simply scan and email the document to us.
  • Document conversion - do you have a document in PDF that you require transferred to Word and reformatted, if so, then simply scan the document to us and we will do the rest.

Compatible sound files

CD / DVD-globalvoices


















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Tell us about your project
Tell us about your project
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