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Four benefits of transcribing multimedia content

Done properly, media transcription is a hugely useful tool for businesses looking to get the most out of their multimedia content. Whether you’re hoping to reach a wider audience for your television show or podcast, or need a conference transcribed into a foreign language, a professional media transcription service can be invaluable. Here are four benefits of transcribing your multimedia content.

Media transcription allows you to reach non-English speaking audiences

A video transcript is usually the first step in creating subtitles for whatever multimedia content you have produced. Why would you need subtitles for your content?

Say you produce a really fantastic video for your business’s marketing campaign in English. Your video, no matter how well produced, risks losing out on views from non-English speaking people and countries. After all, over 60% of YouTube views come from non-English speaking countries.

A professional and accurate media transcription service will allow you to break through these language barriers with ease.

Transcribing helps your content become reusable and more shareable

A study found that videos with a media transcription on Youtube enjoyed 7.32% more views on average. One of the reasons why media transcription makes content more likely to be viewed is because it becomes easier to share, or even redistribute the content in different forms. For example, if a video is transcribed in a certain language, it would be easier to quote.

A media transcription service will also help your content strategy. In fact, business launching a multimedia content strategy shouldn’t do so without transcription. Why? Because transcription can make sure your content is reusable across other forms of media. For example, a video could become a white paper or a vlog could become a blog. Just by transcribing the content, it can become more shareable.

Transcription can benefit your SEO

Media transcription services won’t just help with the usability of your content, it will also help with search rankings. This is because transcripts will help search engines such as Google decipher what your content is about.

Search engines can pick up textual representation and will then know what the production is about. As search engines can’t watch or listen to multimedia content, this is a vital process. The better rankings your content achieves, the more likely it is to be read, viewed and listened to by a wider audience than video content without a media transcription.

Media transcription helps deaf viewers

Closed captions can help you engage with deaf audiences. Not only does this help people with hearing loss and can tackle audism, it also allows your content to reach a wider audience – in the UK alone, there are more than 11 million people with some form of hearing loss. That’s roughly one in six people; a huge audience that through media transcription you could be communicating with.

80% of people who watch videos with closed captions don’t have any hearing issues. For these people, media transcription can help them watch videos in distracting and noisy environments. Also, in situations where loud noise is frowned upon – such as the quiet carriage of a train, media transcription can ensure that viewers are still able to watch and enjoy your content.

Media transcription not only benefits your business, but your audience too. It makes your content more digestible and more shareable, no matter what language they speak. At Global Voices, our expert transcribers can provide accurate and fast transcription services in multiple languages and multiples forms of content. Click here for a free quote.

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