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Global Voices offer transcriptions which are as diverse as they are competitive. We provide transcription services for both single and multi-speaker dictation and for copy typing/manual amendment/reformatting of any documentation.

Our expert multilingual transcription team can provide prompt, accurate transcription services tailored to your personal and/or sector requirements in over 140 languages. Our typists are sworn to a confidentiality agreement, which guarantees that their work is not disclosed to third parties, and ensures security for our transcription translation clients.

At Global Voices, we pride ourselves on matching your multilingual transcription requirements to the most suitable typist in our transcription services team, who knows your business sector inside out.

To trial our services or discuss this in more detail please contact and one of our team will be happy to assist.

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Global Voices excels in the professional world with the quality of our services and exceptional customer care. With well-established business processes, which are documented, standardised and certified by ISO 9001:2008 and EN 15038, our staff have the skills and knowledge to ensure that services are delivered on time and in accordance with customer-specific agreements.


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It is vital that a professional and trusted translation and interpretation company is used within this industry as the accuracy and quality of the translation is integral to the success of the product. With years of experience of working with the world’s largest IP companies, access to extensive commercial archive of patents and a portfolio of over 4000 translators, we can match projects to best-suited mother-tongue specialists around the globe and prepare your translations for filing.

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Tell us about your project
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