Translations for Police

Public service providers, including the Police, have significant obligations under equal opportunities legislation to make their services accessible to people from different backgrounds. This duty extends to provision of information as well as services. Translations are often vital for communicating with victims, suspects and witnesses, and therefore for the Police to fulfil their legislation obligations.

The Police may need to use translation services to translate witness statements, victim support letters, court summons and public information materials. Often, material provided by the Police is highly sensitive in nature. At Global Voices we handle all of our translation projects securely while adhering to our ISO 9001:2008 certification quality control guidelines. This ensures that our translations are of the highest quality, handled securely and delivered on time.

Translating for the Prison Service

As well as our translation services for Police we also offer translation services for the Prison Service to ensure that inmates understand the information and services available to them. Global Voices can provide this service with the same high quality, accuracy and security.

Reducing Translation Costs

Global Voices has developed an innovative technological solutions to reduce translation service costs for the Police and Prison service. Video Interpretation and the Databank are on-demand translation and interpretation services that enable 24/7 access to language interpreters and on-demand orders for translation services.

The solution is perfect as it enables instant access to interpreters, whereas before, the Police and Prison Service had to wait for interpreters to show up, having only limited time-frames.

Additional Language Services

In addition to our translation services for Police and the Prison Service, we also provide interpretation services. Again, these are provided with the highest standard by linguists who have years of experience.

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