Translations for Local Authorities

Public service providers such as local authorities and councils in the UK are coming increasingly under pressure to provide frontline services in a wide variety of languages. Whether it is information leaflets, public warning signs or notices, translations are crucial to local authorities.

Providing translation services to the public means that translations must be 100% accurate, high quality and relevant to the reader. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified translation company,we adhere to strict quality control guidelines in all of our translation projects. This is reflected in our linguist selection process for public sector translations. We only select mother-tongue, highly skilled translators that have experience translating within the public sector.

Reducing Translation Costs

With major spending reviews and budget cuts within the public sector, local authorities and councils are inevitably looking for ways to reduce their spending. Translation services are an area where it can be hard to reduce spending without impacting on the quality of translation.

As part of translation services for local authorities, Global Voices is determined to help local authorities and councils reduce translation service overheads through use of technology utilising their new Video Interpretation and Databank system or through the use of advanced translation memory software which can significantly reduce translation service costs.

To find out more about our translation services for local authorities, contact us today or complete your free quote request form online.
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Tell us about your project
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