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Software Localisation

Software Localisation

At Global Voices, we understand that translation only goes so far, which is why we also offer our clients a localisation service for international projects.

Industry Specific Software Localisation

Launching your software in another country requires tailoring all relevant copy to your new target market. Translating your software to the target language isn’t enough, however. Our localisation service takes other factors like cultural context into account, enhancing the experience for international users, improving communication, and boosting sales.

Accurate Software Localisation

Taking factors like historical, social, and cultural context into consideration for translations works to improve communication with your target audience. This includes accommodating specific dialects that may be unique to the region you’re planning to expand to. For example, Spanish is the official language of around 20 countries, including Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru, as well as Spain. However, each region has its own distinct dialect, which must each be translated accordingly.

Our expert linguists are aware of these differences, catering to individual audiences when providing translations. At Global Voices, our team also looks at the impact of text expansion or contraction for both digital and print. This refers to how the length of a passage can shrink or expand in its new language, and requires reformatting and redesigning the finished page to fully optimise the user experience. English to German, for example, can expand text by up to 35%, while English to Arabic can shrink by 25%.

We Are Experts In
Software Localisation

Here at Global Voices, we work with a team of translators who understand the differences in dialect within languages. Our translators are all native speakers of their language, allowing them to provide the most accurate translation possible, which has been correctly localised. Our linguists also have industry experience in a variety of sectors, and we specialise in:

iPhone app localisation
User document translation
Web application localisation
SEO translation
In-language testing
Layout review
Field name/label assessment translation
Externalising strings translation
Pre-flight/localisation preparation

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We have the capability, drive and ambition to be the fastest growing translation company within each of our chosen territories and sectors – with a strong, proactive and dedicated team, and a delighted client base.

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