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Our localisation services go beyond what is required of a standard translation service. We adapt your content specifically to appeal to the customer’s cultural preferences. Get your free quote today.

What is a localised translation?

A localised translation involves the adaptation of your business’ content to suit a particular culture and/or language. It is a vital part of communicating internationally, and true localisation involves a comprehensive knowledge of the communities, practices and businesses that are associated with a particular location.

Effective localised translation isn’t just confined to language either; customs, and the significance of symbols, numbers and dates all differ in different parts of the world. Therefore a high quality localised translation is vital to any business looking to break into a foreign language speaking market.

Localised translation with Global Voices

Correct understanding of foreign cultures is essential if a business wants its audience to understand its copy to the fullest extent. At Global Voices we don’t just offer a literal translation service, because we know that trading internationally is only possible through effective localised communication. To do this we employ professional, native-tongue linguists, all with specific local knowledge of the market your business is looking to enter. It is our first-hand experience of both the culture and the industry involved that sets Global Voices apart from other translation companies.

As translation and interpretation experts, we’ve worked on almost 40,000 successful projects and we translate seamlessly to and from more than 140 languages. Whether it’s for a large multinational client or an SMB, our linguist selection process is designed to meet ISO 9001:2008 quality standards, which means that our localisation service is functionally, linguistically and culturally flawless.

Whether you are looking for games and apps localisation, document localisation or website localisation, our approach allows us to deliver an accurate, speedy and professional translation. Without this approach, we simply wouldn’t deliver the same high standards and consistently excellent results, nor would we enjoy a customer retention rate of 98%.

If you want to learn more about localisation and how it can benefit your business, call one of Global Voices’ friendly project managers today on 084 5130 1170, or click the button below to request a quote.

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Tell us about your project
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