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“It’s Life Science Jim… but not as we know it!”

The ‘Elixir of life’ the ‘Holy Grail’ the ‘Fountain of Youth’ – just some of the legends fuelled by man’s obsession with long life and good health.

And there’s nothing wrong in that. But the Life Science industry has become one of the fiercest battle-grounds for companies vying to be the first to find a miracle cure.While Invention gets its nappy changed by Necessity, Technology is taking calls from Innovation via its wrist-phone!

Never before in man’s history have we had so much technology and data at our disposal. Any question you ask on any topic can be answered within 50 seconds via the internet. It’s amazing that Universities haven’t shut down!

The western population is living longer. Septuagenarians are more aware of and more competent using advanced technology than ever before. In the United Kingdom reaching 100 years of age has become so passé, that the Queen no longer sends her once-famous ‘Congratulations‘ letter. Reaching 100 years old is not so much a milestone as it is a pebble in your shoe! Coupled with the rise in retirement age, the outlook for our senior-citizens is a good one (bad luck if you run a Care Home)!  60 is the new 40!

We could celebrate mankind’s apparent success and begin patting ourselves on the back. Or we could take a step back and reflect more closely on the coin’s other side.

As we lick our wounds one year on from the world’s worst Ebola outbreak, we’re reminded that no matter how far we advance in Technology and Science, mankind is still at the mercy of micro-organisms more complex than today’s Super Computers….which sounds a bit too much like the story-line to War of the Worlds!
50 years on from man leaving dirty foot-prints on the moon; we’ve got non-stick frying pans, microwave meals and fibre-glass cars which park themselves. Is that really progress?

The celebration of achievements would be so much sweeter if we had eradicated global hunger,  placed every child into education, addressed the issues causing global warming, plugged the hole in the Ozone layer (remember that old problem?) and provided affordable safe housing for every human on the planet.
But now we’re just reverting back to the realms of fantasy we started this article with!

When all is said and done, we are of course very grateful to the good ship ‘Science’ and all who sail in her; and we look (with eyes freshly lasered) to the future with keen anticipation.

For over ten years Global Voices has been a leading provider of language translation services for the Life Science sector in the UK and worldwide; supporting their pursuit of new and effective drugs, devices and medicines. And we’ll proudly do so for many more years to come!

Based in Scotland (with offices across EMEA and the US) it’s no surprise to us that the nation who gave us telephones, televisions, penicillin and the Wonder Bra, has already bestowed the ‘Elixir of Life’ to the world – WHISKY!  Or as the Gaelic call it “Uisge beatha” …THE WATER OF LIFE!

“Slainte!”…Cheers! Neil Findlay

To learn more about Global Voices’ translation services for the Life Science sector, visit: https://www.globalvoices.co.uk

For a FREE no-obligation Quote and 20% discount off your first order, email: info@www.globalvoices.co.uk and quote reference “GVLS2015

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