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Don’t Let Life Sciences Get Lost in Translation

One of the most important results of technological advancement is how new frontiers are being reached daily through progress in the medical field.

Today cutting edge technology allows extensive medical advancements and procedures to be carried out worldwide, with specialist laboratories discovering the answers to questions which have challenged the human race for hundreds, if not thousands of years. But in order to progress efficiently, knowledge must be exchanged globally between medical professionals, and of course, their patients.

In the pursuit of innovative new drugs, devices, and treatments, the world constantly encounters barriers in communication. Perhaps you live in Morocco and need a customised prosthetic limb but the best biotechnical engineers are in Germany. Or the specialist clinic for your complex disease is abroad. Maybe you would simply like to apply for cosmetic surgery in Colombia, but for any medical procedure, accurate clinical reports must be exchanged. Healthcare professionals must be aware of your full medical history and if you need to sign documents, you must have a full understanding of the consequences.

It’s not just new technology which can bring global health benefits. Ancient beneficial practices can be explored with the help of translation services; “Millions of people in the West today utilize traditional Chinese medicine, including acupuncture, herbs and massage therapies. Yet only a handful of Chinese medical texts have so far been translated into English. Given the complexity of the language and concepts, there is a need for accurate, high-quality translations.” – Science Daily

In the face of global health crises such as the disease outbreaks of AIDS and Ebola, it is imperative that information is communicated between specialist pharmaceutical labs as quickly efficiently as possible. Every day “translators fight the fatal effects of the language gap”– Guardian.  Accurate translation of research materials  for Life Sciences is essential and here at Global Voices we take our work very seriously; mistakes do not leave the office. Our medical sector linguists specialise in biotechnology, medicinal devices, pharmaceutical and clinical research sectors using state of the art translation software which allows them to build a pre-defined glossary of sector-specific terminology. We don’t want to charge you for work which has already been done that’s why it pays to use Global Voices regularly as your frequently used terms can easily be identified and accurately replicated – with the aim of reducing your cost.

We understand that expertise in this specific area is vital. In medical translation the smallest inconsistency could alter a procedure or have potentially harmful consequences. That’s why we insist that our linguists have at least five years’ experience in their specialist area – giving you peace of mind that your content will be translated to the highest possible standard.

Global Voices offers translation services in over 140 languages with hundreds of linguists specialising in the Life Sciences so no matter what your medical requirement may be, we can provide translation service to meet your needs.


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