Medical Devices Translations

Our medical device translations more than meet the high industry standards upon which the medical industry relies.


Medical Device Translations

Medical device translation must meet strict industry standards in order to be accepted by regulators. Global Voices is an expert in medical device translation and understands the need to adhere to these strict industry requirements, offering a range of medical device translations for medical device companies and manufacturers in over 140 different languages.

Fuelled by advances in medical technology, there is a growing demand for medical device technology in sophisticated and long-term healthcare.

But in order to achieve success internationally, a reliable and experienced translation company is required to navigate complex regulatory barriers and cultural differences. Accurate medical device translation is essential for elements such as instructions for use and software and user manuals.

Global Voices has been working within the medical device translation industry for many years and we know it is essential to keep up with the rapidly accelerating pace of the sector. We have gained experience and trust from all of our clients and we hope to pass on the valuable experience to your project so that it can excel in its target market.

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The linguists we choose are subject-matter experts and are chosen purely on the basis of their quality of translation and previous experience. Global Voices is an ISO 9001:2008 and EN 15308 certified translation company, which means you can have reassurance in the quality of your medical device translation service.

Global Voices provides industry-leading expertise, enabling you to seamlessly manage global regulatory risk, improve communication with physicians and keep pace with the constantly accelerating medical device world.

Translation of Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs) 
Licensing and Copyright Translation
Translation and Validation for Clinical Outcomes Assessments
Clinical Document Translation

Global Voices Medical Devices Translations can help you reach your worldwide localization goals through:

  • ISO certifications and rigorous quality methodologies: We strictly adhere to methodologies designed specifically for medical device labeling.
  • High-quality labeling and packaging :  We provide a range of services, including artwork preparation (label, secondary packaging components), Structured Product Labeling (SPL), labeling updates and amendments, Product Information Leaflets (PIL), patient handbooks, data sheets, user guides, technical manuals and software.
  • Software expertise: We streamline localization by helping define and drive software development, engineering and testing for any language, in any country.
  • Auditable processes: We tailor our standardized, company-wide processes to the medical device industry.
In addition, Global Voices offers:
  • Patent, Litigation and Contract Support
  • Labeling Solutions
  • Author Automation Solutions/Guided Authoring
  • E-Learning Development and Translation Solutions
  • Software Localization and Consulting
  • Multilingual Digital Media Solutions
  • Website Localization
  • Interpreting

Our Quality

Global Voices excels in the professional world with the quality of our services and exceptional customer care. With well-established business processes, which are documented, standardised and certified by ISO 9001:2008 and EN 15038, our staff have the skills and knowledge to ensure that services are delivered on time and in accordance with customer-specific agreements.


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