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As the 4th most spoken language in the world, a localised Spanish translation service is indispensable when opening your business to markets in Europe, Latin and South America. At Global Voices, we have over 4,000 experienced translators who have worked on over 36,000 projects to deliver efficient and accurate campaigns. We believe simply speaking the language is not enough, that’s why all of our translators have over three years experience, and our software systems are quality assured with ISO 9001:2008 accreditation. We’ve provided a professional translation and interpretation service to businesses in a wide variety of industries in Spain, whether that’s documentation for the large British Expat community or businesses looking to break into Spain’s thriving tourism industry. We are happy to offer face to face interpretation, website translation, transcription services and much more. The only constant is an unwavering commitment to maintaining the same high standards for every client. We know cheap translation can really cost a business, so get in touch for a cost-effective, reliable translation service. Request a quote or call today on 08451301170.

Why you need a Spanish translation service

The Spanish language is spoken on several continents and has a wide range of speakers. This not only makes the language incredibly useful but also incredibly diverse. Simply using a literal Spanish translation is not enough; you need a localised approach that identifies and understands the cultural complexity of each place the language is spoken. It is this approach that make our Spanish translators the best choice for ambitious businesses looking to work within Spain, the EU’s fifth largest economy, or the world’s largest economy, the US, where Spanish is the second most spoken language with over 41 million Spanish speakers. Whether you want to do business in Argentina, Mexico, the Caribbean or Equatorial Guinea, we have translators with an industry-specific, localised knowledge. We can help your business connect with over 400 million Spanish speakers worldwide.

Need a Spanish to English translation service?

Whether you need a Spanish to English translation, or English to Spanish you can be assured the quality will not be anything other than excellent. In fact, we can translate seamlessly across 140 languages. Our project managers will ensure you’re working with the best native speakers to get a flawless translation.


Do you need separate translations for different Spanish speaking countries?

Yes. Spanish is spoken throughout South and Central America, as well as the Caribbean in countries such as Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Cuba. At Global Voices we’re committed to providing a localised cultural translation service rather than merely literal translation.

How important is localised translation?

Communication is vital to the success of all businesses. By having country-specific specialists we can communicate with people in their own language.

Where is the Spanish language spoken?

As well as Spain, Spanish is spoken widely in South and Central America and the Caribbean. It is also the official language of Equatorial Guinea in Africa and spoken by around 13% of the population of the United States of America.
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