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Because we only hire the best Mandarin translators, who work under friendly and diligent project managers, you can be assured that your voice will be heard in China and much of the Far East. P>Our rigorous selection process allows us to ensure that each of our Mandarin Translation and Interpretation experts provides high quality work and meets the requirements for ISO 9001:2008. At Global Voices, our Mandarin translators are not only mother-tongue linguists but have industry-specific expertise. Our fast and accurate translation and interpretation service will help you communicate with over a billion Mandarin speakers; that’s one seventh of the world’s population.</P. We have a customer retention rate of 98% because our tried and tested translators not only only speak Mandarin, they have invaluable knowledge of the businesses and customs that makes up the world’s largest country. We will be more than happy to explain why our professional Mandarin translation service can help your business in China. Get in touch, request a quote or call today on 08451301170. Our flexible approach means your business can approach the world’s largest market safe in the knowledge that their voice will be heard. Make sure you have the very best tools to achieve your ambitions by calling our astute, informative translation team today.

Why your business needs a Mandarin translation service

Chinese is the most common language in the world. And of the 50 dialects spoken, Mandarin is by far the most widely used. In fact, to many the two are interchangeable. This is a stumbling block for many businesses that fail to grasp the complex cultural conventions in China. For example, in Hong Kong many people can’t speak Mandarin, however, most can read it. At Global Voices we don’t just offer literal translation but cultural translation and interpretation, in both print and person. China is a country where the opportunities are endless but issues with miscommunication are rife. As the only dialect spoken throughout the country, the benefits of Mandarin translation are ample for businesses. Since the ‘reform and opening up’ policy that first introduced China to foreign investment in 1978, the country has gone on to be a great economic success, ushering over 600 million people out of poverty. Its production in technology and retail, and its large consumption of coal, iron, steel and cement mean there are boundless opportunities for foreign businesses who embrace Mandarin.


Where is Mandarin spoken?

Mandarin is spoken by over a billion people, including 40 million overseas Mandarin speakers. It is the official Chinese dialect spoken in Beijing, the world's third largest city, and is the first language of over one billion people. As well as throughout China, Mandarin is spoken in Taiwan and Singapore. Due to the vast number of people that speak it, Mandarin itself differs from region to region.

Which translation service would be better for my needs, Mandarin or Cantonese?

Despite being two dialects of the same language, Mandarin and Cantonese differ so much that it would be impossible for two native speakers to have a conversation. This is what makes localisation of our translators so pertinent. Mandarin is spoken throughout the country, nowhere more so than Beijing. Cantonese is the dominant dialect in Hong Kong and Macau. We’ll help you decide which is best.

Do I need a translation service for text?

Yes, however both Mandarin and Cantonese are written in traditional Chinese lettering so are more similar than when spoken, and writing tends to be written in Mandarin even in Hong Kong.

Isn’t Google Translate really good at translating Chinese? Do I really need an in-person translation service?

If you are serious about doing business in China then yes, almost definitely. Machine translation tends to be largely literal and this is rarely good enough to navigate the complex world of idioms and turns of phrase, not to mention business culture. A localised, knowledgeable translator or interpreter is indispensable for any business looking to be effective in a foreign market, China especially.
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