Professional Latin Translation and Interpretation

Our Latin translators have industry-specialist knowledge and a minimum of three years experience translating Latin.

This rigorous selection process allows us to ensure that we provide Latin translation and interpretation of the highest quality, meeting the requirements for ISO 9001:2008. Because of our high standards, Global Voices has a customer retention rate of 98%. Our efficient and diligent approach, overseen by friendly project managers, will ensure all your Latin translations are not just verbatim but also ad pedem litterae.

We’re also experts at translation for desktop publishing. From websites and ready-to-print leaflets, literal translation and proofreading, our 4,000 expert linguists and friendly project managers will be with you every step of the way to deliver a professional and speedy service. If you are in need of an accurate Latin translation service then do not hesitate to get in touch. Request a quote or call today on 08451301170

Why your business needs our professional Latin Translation Service

As the precursor to many of today’s European languages, it’s hard to think of a language with as great an influence as Latin.

Originally spoken in Latium, a region in the west of Italy that incorporated Rome, Latin grew to be the language of the Roman Empire and the official language of England from 1086 AD to 1733 AD. As such it was spoken throughout Europe and has had a huge cultural and practical impact on many languages and alphabets used throughout the world.

Need to translate from Latin to English or any other language?

English and English to Latin. Our project managers will ensure you get a flawless and professional translation.


Who still speaks Latin?

Contemporary Latin is the official language of Vatican City and the Roman Catholic Church. There are only a few hundred fluent speakers but popularity of the language is on the rise.

Written Latin on the other hand is abundant and fundamental to some of the world’s most formative and influential industries. From the church to the life sciences, law, medicine, and of course history all rely heavily on Latin.

Depending on the context, Latin translation will vary from application to application and a seasoned expert is critical in ensuring accuracy.

Which languages derive from Latin?

Most modern European languages have been heavily influenced by Latin, most notably Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and French.
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