Accurate Italian Translation and Interpretation Services

Our Italian translators all have at least three (usually more) years of translating experience and must also have proven industry-specialist knowledge that will support their translation ability. This means you won’t just work with an Italian translation expert but also one who knows your industry inside-out.

Translation that’s authentically Italian

Owing to a number of regional variations within the Italian language, we know that providing a quality Italian translation service requires not only technical translation and subject expertise, but also an understanding of Italian culture and location. That’s why at Global Voices we use over 4,000 mother tongue linguists who only work within their field of expertise, allowing us to guarantee faultless, dialect-specific translation to our clients. Having an extensive breadth of translators who exceed the requirements for ISO 9001:2008 allows us to translate Italian into and from over 140 different languages.

Why your business needs Italian translation

Spoken by roughly 85 million people worldwide, Italian has and continues to be a powerful force in shaping the arts and the luxury goods market. Italian is the third most widely spoken first language in the EU, with roughly 16% of the total population of the EU speaking Italian either as a first or second language. Italy’s industry is as diverse as its language. The North, specifically the ‘golden triangle’ between Milan, Genoa and Turin, is centred around manufacturing, whereas the South is heavily reliant on tourism. Italian is one of the Romance languages and can differ greatly from region to region. Hand gestures, greetings, topics of conversation; all play a significant part in understanding and speaking Italian. That’s why a literal translation service (or a simple machine translation) just isn’t good enough. At Global Voices we offer cultural interpretation, whether that’s digital, print or in person.

Need an Italian to English translation? Or an English to Italian translator?

You’ve come to the right place. At Global Voices we offer both English to Italian and Italian to English translation. In fact, we can translate seamlessly across 140 languages. Our project managers will ensure you’re working with the best native speakers to get a flawless translation.


Do I need a regional Italian translation service?

Modern Italian is based on Tuscan but is also influenced by other languages of Italy. These are local languages other than Italian (thus strictly not Italian “dialects”) that are spoken in Italy and include Sardinian and Friulian. These languages of Italy are not variations of the Tuscan Standard Italian but separate individual languages. The Italian language also varies depending on where it is spoken. Regional Italian (these are often called dialects) include Sicilian and Venetian. If you are conducting business in a particular part of Italy where cultural awareness is critical, working with a specialised Italian translator who has an understanding of the dialect is crucial. Equally, if you’re working with a widely distributed audience and your message needs to be relatable to a range of Italian speakers, a good translator will ensure you’re not using regional turns of phrase that don’t make sense outside of their context.

Where is Italian spoken?

As well as Italy, and landlocked Vatican State, Italian is an official language in Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia and San Marino. Italian is spoken in over 30 other countries. This is due to large numbers of Italian immigrants. There are an estimated 90,000 Italians living in the UK.

Just how important are gestures in Italy?

It is said a gesture is worth 1,000 words in Italy. Gestures are a dominant part of Italian communication and if you are to understand an Italian fully, understanding their gestures is crucial. Italians are expressive people and hands flailing and faces distorting is part of everyday life. Our Italian interpreters will help you navigate these cultural conventions with ease.
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