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Our experienced Cantonese translators are the best in the business. In fact, they’re only chosen for a project if they have proven industry-specialist knowledge. Our rigorous selection process allows us to ensure that each of our Cantonese translation and interpretation experts provides high quality work and exceeds the requirements for ISO 9001:2008. Because our project managers are always on hand to provide friendly, expert advice we have a customer retention rate of 98%. Working with our Cantonese translation team means you’ll benefit from their unique insight and knowledge of the business etiquette, the people, and the culture that makes up the world’s most populous country. Our vast experience in delivering Cantonese translation projects in the same format and layout as the original file makes us a preferred choice for the translation of websites and ready-to-print leaflets, manuals and information guides. This all means that our clients can do business in one of the world’s most prosperous regions safe in the knowledge nothing will be lost in translation. Request a quote or call today on 08451301170.

Why your business needs Cantonese translation services

Cantonese is a Chinese dialect, Chinese being the world’s most spoken language. China is recognised as a highly fruitful habitat for business. A potential market of over a billion people and a growing economy produced 144,000 new millionaires in China last year. Cantonese is spoken by just over 60 million people and is the predominant dialect of southeast China, an area that includes the important international business hubs of Hong Kong and Macau. The autonomous territory of Hong Kong is the world’s 8th largest trading economy. Trading is one of the four main industries in Hong Kong, alongside financial services, tourism and professional and producer services. However, in a country with over 50 different dialects, communication issues are a very real likelihood. At Global Voices our extensive network of over 4,000 native linguists can translate from over 140 languages into Cantonese and from Cantonese into over 140 languages, helping you conduct international business in a professional, effective way.


Which translation service would be better for my needs, Mandarin or Cantonese?

Despite being two dialects of the same language, Mandarin and Cantonese differ so much that it would be impossible for two native speakers to have an intelligible conversation across the two dialects. Cantonese is the dominant dialect in Hong Kong and Macau.

Do I need a Cantonese translation service for text?

Both Mandarin and Cantonese are written in traditional Chinese lettering so are more similar than when spoken. However there are differences to account for in the idioms and grammar used by Cantonese speakers, making a specific Cantonese translation a must.

How important are localised translation services?

Communication is vital to the success of all businesses. By having country-specific specialists you can communicate with people in their own language.
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With over a decade of experience and a global team of professional mother-tongue linguists specialising in the legal sector, we are able to support our clients on their specific requirements delivereing exepert legal translations.

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Oil & Gas

Global Voices are recognised as the translation and interpretation experts within the Oil & Gas industry and have the pleasure of working with leading companies across the globe on technical oil and gas translations.

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At Global Voices we have considerable experience working with global banks, investment funds, insurance companies and real estate businesses, covering all varieties of translations from company accounts to marketing content.

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Life Science

Global Voices has the pleasure of working with many leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies from across the globe.

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We are acutely aware of the fast paced advances in technology and understand the importance of high quality accurate translations.

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More Industries

Global Voices have significant experience across a diverse range of industries and will only ever use linguists with relevant sector experience.

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