Telephone Interpretation Services

Over the phone interpretation is one of the most convenient forms of interpretation available to businesses, thanks to its convenience and cost-effectiveness. Whether you are looking for a one-off phone interpreter, or a full 24-hour telephone interpreting service, Global Voices can provide experienced, professional interpreters for your business.

When will I need over the phone interpretation?

Telephone interpreting allows people to communicate across different languages in a matter of seconds. A telephone interpreter would be an essential service if an interpreter is unable to attend your meeting or conference in person. Similarly, a phone interpreter is beneficial in an emergency or unexpected situation where interpretation is needed, and can also preserve anonymity if necessary.

About our telephone interpreters

The team at Global Voices have decades of telephone interpretation experience between them. We have phone interpreters are bilingual and bicultural professionals, all of whom are experts in specific business sectors. Over the phone interpretation asks many things of our interpreters, which they need to do simultaneously: listen to the speaker, analyse what has been said, and interpret this into another language while preserving the form, nuances and intention of the original message. These skills have been acquired through rigorous training and perfected through experience, and we are proud to be home to a global team of knowledgeable experts.

Why Telephone Interpreting?

Telephone interpreting is an efficient and affordable method of communicating with limited English speakers. It allows people to communicate across different languages in a matter of seconds through the simple use of a telephone. Customers often ask us why and when they should use a telephone interpreter instead of a face-to-face interpreter. Here are some simple situations in which you might choose to use a telephone interpreter rather than call a face-to-face interpreter to your premises:

  • In an emergency, where you require interpretation support immediately
  • When access to an interpreter is required unexpectedly
  • When anonymity is preferred
  • If there are geographical limitations and it is not possible for an interpreter to attend your meeting
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