Instant Video Interpretation   LingoConnect™

Our LingoConnect™ service provides instant access to accredited interpreters around the country. It is a simple, cost efficient and innovative way for organisations to access language and video interpretation services conveniently. With our video remote interpreting services, you are put into contact with a highly qualified professional who can facilitate Face to Face Interpretation when physical presence is impossible. Our network of interpreters are available on demand and at any time over our unique video remote interpretation system, ready to provide you with quality Face to Face interpretation at a reduced cost in all major languages.

What are the Benefits?

Video Interpreting services enable face-to-face communication without the cost of travelling or the trouble of coordinating several individuals for an on-site meeting. With LingoConnect™ video remote interpreting services, you receive the same benefits of on-site engagements without the hassle of getting everyone from point A to point B.

  • Reduce Costs- No travel fees or expenses and lower rates
  • Increased Availability- On demand, 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Improve Efficiency- No delay, one bill
  • Face to face- But at a lower cost to your business
  • Greater access to interpreters in a number of rare languages
  • Decrease in wasted time for interpreter travelling to rural locations
  • Greater access to qualified interpreters
  • Improved availability of interpreters to fit with your schedule
  • Improved communication vs. telephone interpreting and better quality provision to clients

How does it work?

LingoConnect™ – Instant Video Interpretation is the service we provide when it comes to video remote interpretation. First we will supply you with a mobile video interpretation conference device. You’ll just need to plug it in, switch it on and touch the screen to connect to our operator. Then let the operator know the language you require and within 10 seconds an interpreter will appear on the screen for a video interpretation conference call. LingoConnect™ – Instant Video Interpretation, allows you to gain the face to face quality interpretation you are looking for, at a reduced cost. All Global Voices interpreters are high quality professionals with years of experience so we can guarantee an accurate and quality translation.
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Tell us about your project
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