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Five things you should know about our Interpretation Service

Here at Global Voices we understand the variety of needs that people face when trying to communicate effectively, that’s why our Interpretation Services are diverse. We require our interpreters to have extensive expertise in their specialist sector plus all the required certification such as the PSI qualification necessary for public service. We want you to be 100% confident and comfortable in the knowledge that our interpreter is proficient enough to communicate your message effectively. Each service has distinct advantages and characteristics so it is important research which one best suits your needs.

  1. There are three different types of Face to Face interpretation :
  • Simultaneous interpretation is when the interpreter translates what the speaker is saying via headsets in real time whilst watching them front a sound-proof booth. This service is highly skilled as it demands very sharp accuracy. Conferences, lectures, seminars, conventions and courses all benefit from this service.
  • Consecutive interpretation means that the speech is divided into separate manageable chunks. The translator has time to listen to the speech and consider their response. This type is best suited for business negotiations, delegation and individual reporting, round tables, and bilateral meetings. It is popular because it requires no equipment, just the bilingual brain of the interpreter. Did you know that we can provide interpreters for more than one language for events or multilingual conferences?
  • The third and lesser known category of Face to Face interpretation is Chuchotage, originating from the French word ‘whispering’. The interpreter whispers the message as the speaker talks without pausing. It is highly skilled work and requires years of training. Due to the interpreter sitting in clear view of the speaker’s body language, a more comprehensive understanding of the message can be communicated, ensuring no cultural or emotive content is lost. For instance if you are planning an intimate meeting perhaps spoken translation would ruin the way a private message is received. Chuchotage provides a dignified solution to this.
  1. We provide video and phone interpretation services with 24/7 availability and pride ourselves on relaying our services worldwide. Wherever you are in the world, we will try our best to reach you.
  2. Global Voices will provide you with the required audio-visual equipment to ensure your communication runs smoothly.
  3. We offer a personal escort service for individuals seeking a customised experience. If you plan to travel abroad and would like a guide, we would be more than happy to organise the most suitable companion to enrich your cultural experience by removing language barriers. Consecutive interpreting is best suited for this service.
  4. Global Voices provides services for many sectors. On top of the areas already mentioned, Interpretation Services are available for investigative interviews, international product launches, international arbitrations and local authority tenant discussions. Our service is not limited to these however, and we strive to provide communication solutions to whatever our client requires.


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