Face to Face Interpretation

There are three main forms of Face to Face Interpretation - simultaneous, consecutive, and Chuchotage (whispered). Each one of our Face to Face Interpretation services has its own advantages, allowing us to meet both your personal and budgetary requirements.

Consecutive Interpretation

With consecutive interpreting, speech is divided into manageable sections whereby only small parts of the speech are interpreted at a time. This means that the interpreter will wait until the speaker has finished his or her sentence and then provide the interpretation to the listener. This service is best suited for business negotiations, delegation and individual escorting, roundtables, and B2B (bilateral) meetings. Consecutive interpreting is quite popular because, as the interpreter is physically present, there is no interpretation equipment required, which ultimately reduces your costs. And as an experienced interpretation company, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with a professional and quality consecutive interpretation service.

Simultaneous Interpretation

In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter translates in real time as the speaker is talking. The interpreter will be professionally trained in simultaneous interpreting, as well as an expert in the field that is under discussion. Sitting in a sound-proof booth in sight of the source-language speaker, the interpreter is linked to the listeners via headsets, through which the interpretation is channelled in real-time as the speaker is talking. This is a non-intrusive, highly technical interpretation service, requiring the highest standards of professionalism and accuracy. It is most suitable for conferences, lectures, seminars, conventions and courses. Simultaneous interpretation translates the message quickly and accurately, while the original speaker speaks continuously. As simultaneous interpreters work in real-time, there are no second chances – they must get the translation right the first time. Therefore we only choose the most experienced and highly qualified linguists from our network for simultaneous interpreting. For conference interpreting, the use of at least two interpreters is necessary to ensure that this extremely technical task is carried out flawlessly.

Chuchotage (Whispered) Interpretation

Chuchotage, or ‘Whispered’ Interpretation can be seen as a compromise between Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation Services; utilising the advantages of both. Chuchotage comes from the French word 'chuchotement' meaning ‘whispering’, and that’s exactly what Chuchotage interpretation involves. The interpreter listens to the speaker, and whispers the translation to the listener in real-time. This therefore bypasses the need for the speaker to wait at the end of each sentence, without requiring any specialist equipment. Of our range of interpretation services, Chuchotage is most suited for intimate meetings, requiring real-time, continuous translation between a pair or small group of speakers. Simultaneously whispering a translation and listening to the speaker requires extreme concentration and years of training. At Global Voices, we choose only the most competent interpreters, able to meet the challenging demands of Chuchotage Interpretation.

These three forms of Face to Face Interpretation allow the interpreter to react to body language or facial expressions in real-time. This ensures high quality interpretation, in which the speaker’s message can be fully understood and transmitted to the listener in their own language, without losing any cultural or emotive significance.

We also provide technological interpretation solutions, including phone and video interpretation, allowing 24/7 availability and ensuring that no location is too remote. On top of this, Global Voices is able to provide the necessary audio-visual equipment to ensure that your interpretation project runs smoothly from start to finish.

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