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Interpretation Services

Global Voices is a certified interpretation agency with over 10 years’ experience of providing expert interpretation services. We cater to a wide range of project requirements and an extensive list of locations across the globe. We pride ourselves on the quality of our interpretation services, using only expert interpreters with experience in the relevant sector – whether it is a helping hand at a doctor’s appointment or at an international trade event or on a business phone call. There are two main face to face interpretation services offered at Global Voices; consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation.

Face to Face Interpretation

Consecutive Interpretation

  • The Interpreter listens to the speaker before they Interpret. The speech is divided into segments and the interpreter will relay the information.

Simultaneous Interpretation

  • The interpreter will translate what is being said at the same time as the speaker who he/she is translating, without the speaker having to pause after each sentence.

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Telephone Interpretation

Our telephone interpretation services are a convenient solution, as they can take place at any time and anywhere, depending on your business’ needs, which can minimise your costs.

  • Language support immediately

  • No geographical limitations

  • High value brief requirements

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Video Interpretation

Our LingoConnect™ service is a simple, cost efficient and innovative way for organisations to access language and interpretation services conveniently.

Our network of interpreters are available on demand and at any time in all major languages over our unique video interpretation system. A quality Face to Face interpretation at a discounted cost.

Tell us about your requirements 0845-130-1170

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