Patent Translations

Global Voices provide filing-ready patent translations for intellectual property applications around the world. Global Voices only use translators with at least 5 years’ experience in any given technical field in order to provide you with the best patent translation we can, and all of our translators are well versed on the technical language used within each industry sector.

Our clients depend on Global Voices to execute the translation of key patents for the purpose of filing them abroad. We can supply patent translations in all appropriate formats to be filed in the country concerned, ensuring that any required certifications are included.

Patent translations are a hugely important part of gaining legal protection of an enterprise’s intellectual property. In some cases, full translation of the patent may not be required, especially when evaluating the possible relevance of a foreign patent applications to a current one. When a translation is required for information only, rather than charging to translate the entire patent, we can simply provide translations of selected extracts. This can enable clients to evaluate the scope and relevance of their patent.

The importance of patent and intellectual property translation

Global Voices can supply translations of patent applications required by courts or patent offices, in a format ready for filing in any target country. This includes certification such as a translator's declaration, notarisation and any legalisation.

We ensure that our patent translations are not only accurate, but also adhere to the style and terminology of the source material. To ensure that the language of the finished translation conforms to the target country’s accepted patent style, the translations are carried out by qualified professionals working in their mother tongue. This guarantees the conformity of the finished translation to national and international standards.

We also carry out translations for patent litigation, as well as office actions, prior art, claims and trademarks. To talk to us further about how our patent translation services can benefit your intellectual property, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Patent documents we translate:
  • Applications
  • Office actions
  • Prior art
  • Abstracts
  • Claims
  • Drawings
  • Patent litigation documents
  • Patent prosecution documents
  • Trademarks
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Tell us about your project
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