How to Prepare a Patent Application:

Before preparing your intellectual property application, there are a few points to consider:

  1. Do you have rights to the invention in question?
  2. Is it a unique piece of innovation, distinctive and new?
  3. Is it marketable?
Unfortunately, a large number of applications will not be taken on as the idea is not new, or they may be discounted due to a lack of commercial interest. We encourage applicants to get in touch with Global Voices prior to preparing your intellectual property application as we would be happy to carry out any preliminary searches for you.

How to apply for a UK Patent?

One of the first steps to obtaining a grant of patent is the completion and filing of your intellectual property patent application. This can be done by you or your nominated adviser through the UK Patent Office.

As part of your provisional patent claim you will be asked to prepare a patent specification, include a written description of your invention, accompanying illustrations, your claims and an abstract which summarises your specification. Global Voices are happy to prepare this application as part of our service based on information supplied by you. We would consult you and share all drafts throughout the process before submitting them for filing.

Application Property Description

Once you have filed your patent application you will not be able to add any additional information. It is therefore incredibly important to explain your invention fully and coherently; if you choose to hand over this responsibility to us, you must provide us with all the information necessary to complete this section. This property description should contain enough information to enable other people to carry out your invention, otherwise you will not be granted intellectual property rights.

Description content
Title Describes in general terms the subject of your invention
Background Explains the particular problem your invention solves
Statement of invention Summarises your invention containing essential features
Advantages Advantages of your invention
Introduction to drawings Introduction to drawings prior to detailed description
Detailed description Describes in detail one or more ways in which your invention can be carried out.  Full detail included at this stage as this cannot be amended after the date of filing the application.
Drawings Good drawings to reflect the written descriptions

Provisional Patent Claims

This is the most important part of any specification, claims are the heart of your patent and define exactly what is and is not covered by the intellectual property patent. In this section of your application you should clearly define the essential technical features of your invention. There are two basic types of claim; Independent Claims which stand alone and Dependent Claims which only have a meaning when combined with a preceding claim. Each of these claims set out exactly what is protected by the patent. Your statement of invention should act as a starting point for outlining your intellectual property claims. Without claims, your application cannot be taken on.

Intellectual Property Abstract

An abstract is a brief summary of your invention, no longer than 150 words. It should include information on all the most technical features of your invention in order for the Intellectual Property Office and any member of public researching the particular technical field to understand your invention. Which technical field the invention belongs in should be indicated in the Abstract and drafted in a clear manner which provides a clear understanding of any technical problem and the appropriate solution.

Abstracts should follow a set format. It should have a brief, specific title that reflects clearly the nature of your invention - this may be the same title as that of your intellectual property description. We recommend avoiding expressions such as “improvements in/ relating to” or “and the like”. It’s also important to keep in mind that the Abstract is not part of the specification. Any technical features mentioned here should also be contained within the description.

As information contained within the abstract cannot be relied upon as full disclosure of the invention, you will not be able to transfer any features from the Abstract into the description at a later date. Any matter contained solely in the Abstract will not enable you claim a priority date.

When your intellectual property application is published the abstract appears on the front of the document and is used for search purposes.

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