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German Translation

German Translation

Our skilled German translators and interpreters can provide swift and accurate translations services for your business.

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Accurate German Language Translation & Interpretation for Your Business

By using Global Voices, you’ll have access to a network of more than 9,000 native-speaking translators, who are able to translate German and over 150 other languages. Everyone on our team has three years German language experience as a minimum, meaning your German business translations are guaranteed to be accurate and effective, no matter what kind of document we’re translating.

Germany is Europe’s biggest economy—over one billion US dollars ahead of this title’s closest contender, the United Kingdom. Known for its manufacturing sector, Germany is the world’s third largest goods exporter, and as a result has one of the most highly-skilled workforces in the world. Needless to say, any business with plans to go global needs to conquer the German market.

Germany’s geographical and economic position makes it a pivotal country for many international businesses. Unsurprisingly, the country is frequently chosen as a European base. The number of non-German companies based in the country makes German translation hugely important.

From internal memos to customer-facing advertisements and websites, your business could need anything translated when it enters the German market. The Global Voices team guarantee accuracy when translating German words and phrases, giving you the competitive edge you need to beat the competition.

Why your business needs German translation

With over 100 million speakers worldwide, a German version of your website immediately opens it up to countless more potential customers. But the German-speaking public have a reputation for uncompromising accuracy and efficiency, so translation mistakes of any kind are unlikely to be tolerated.

That’s where Global Voices comes in. Our stellar team of native, German-speaking translators can generate effective, error-free copy of any kind. We can translate your internal documents, such as staff training manuals and intranets, or customer- and client-facing materials, like websites and advertisements. Our knowledge of cultural context means our results are far more accurate than machine-translated documents. Get in touch today for more about what we can do for you.

German Cultural Considerations

What are other cultural facts about Germany? How to interact with a German-speaking person? This is what you should know about German culture.


According to the 2011 German Census, Christianity is the largest religion in Germany, with 66.8% of its citizens identifying as Christian. Additionally, Islam is the second largest religion in the country. In other German-speaking countries, Christianity is also the most predominant religion, with 60.7% of Belgian citizens in 2015, 73.6% of Austrian citizens in 2001.

Traditions, musts and must nots

Germany is known for its legislation, strong influence, and rich history, as well as its cars, beer, cuisine and football teams. Additionally, countries such as Austria, Switzerland and Belgium are very well known for their chocolates, architecture, and cheeses. When interacting with German-speaking people, other things to take into consideration are as follows:

  • Greetings – Greetings vary depending on the closeness between the two people. The most common greeting is a firm handshake with eye contact, whilst close friends may hug each other or kiss on the cheek. When shaking hands, do not shake hands with one hand in your pocket.
  • Titles and names – In Germany, it is common to introduce oneself by using last names instead of first names, unless the German host invites you to use your first name. Additionally, titles are very important and they become part of the name of the person, so do not use them incorrectly or fail to use them.
  • Formal language – German makes a distinction between the more formal “Sie” and the more informal “Du” (you). In fact, German has two verbs for distinguishing these forms: “duzen” and “siezen”. Being too informal can be seen as disrespectful, so it is recommended to use “Sie” when talking to someone.
  • Be formal – German people are very organised, reserved, and formal. Knocking before entering a room, using proper greetings and goodbyes, dressing appropriately, and swapping shoes for house shoes (“Hausschuhe”) when visiting homes is part of their culture.
  • Time management – Germans are very punctual and can see a delay as offensive. We recommend arriving on time for a meeting or any other gatherings.
  • Don’t get too personal – Germans respect their privacy and generally separate work and personal lives. When talking about business, do respect their privacy, as asking personal questions can make things awkward. Avoiding this is recommended.
  • Avoid certain topics – Be careful with potentially sensitive topics. Although modern Germany is coming to terms with its past, talking about World War II and the Nazi Germany is not recommended.


Where is German spoken outside of Germany?

German is also the first language of neighbouring country Austria. It’s also an official language in Switzerland, and widely spoken in Belgium, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein.

Is localised German translation really that important?

Yes, it is. German can differ vastly from region to region. The sheer variety of dialects makes localised translation essential for businesses who prize accuracy.

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