Desktop Publishing Translation

Desktop publishing (also known as DTP) usually refers to visual page layout, however it equally applies to graphics for sales displays, retail package designs and promotional items. That means that multilingual desktop publishing is essential for keeping the verbal and visual message of your content intact.

Global Voices’ desktop publishing translation service takes your document or web page, and replicates it precisely in your target language. Our DTP translation team ensure your graphic designs remain intact, whilst ensuring that all of the copy and typography is localised to your target audience.

Supported Softwares

Microsoft Word-globalvoices

Microsoft Word

Better ways to write, collaborate and present ideas, at Global Voices we are able to process all relevant formats: rtf, .doc, .docx,

Microsoft Publisher-globalvoices

Microsoft Publisher

Publish in the way that suits your audience best. We maintain formatting which means your design will be consistent in all formats: .pub

Microsoft Powerpoint-globalvoices

Microsoft Powerpoint

Build the story, present with clarity and conviction, and move forward faster, we can work with all relevant formats: .pot, .ppt, .pptx

Auto Desk-globalvoices

Auto Desk

We can support the format of all of your technical documents. Adapting only the linguistic content to suit your language needs: .cad

Apple Pages-globalvoices

Apple Pages

Processing all formats. You don’t have to work in Office to work with Office. .docx/Office 97 or later .doc, PDF /  (.txt) / ePub, ZIP Archive (Supported in Pages for Mac 5.1 or later).

Corel Draw-globalvoices

Corel Draw

Whether creating graphics and layouts or designing websites, this graphic design software helps you design your way and we support its formats: Corel Draw .cdr, .eps

Quark Express-globalvoices

Quark Express

We work smarter with all Quark Express formats. At Global Voices, we pride ourselves on making sure that no formatting is lost or altered in translation: .Quark .qxd, .qxp

Serif Draw-globalvoices

Serif Draw

Creating a presentation or slideshow that’ll impress has never been easier. At Global Voices we support such Serif Draw formats as: .eps, .pdf, .psd.

Adobe Illustrator-globalvoices

Adobe Illustrator

We connect your desktop and mobile apps with all your creative assets, so you can do your best work anywhere. Supporting all formats: .ai, .eps

Adobe InDesign-globalvoices

Adobe InDesign

The industry-leading page design and layout toolset. At Global Voices we can work with and support all its formats: .indd, .idml, .inx

Adobe Framemaker-globalvoices

Adobe Framemaker

Publish fluently across all channels, mobile devices and formats. Guaranteeing you XML/DITA formatting support. .fm, .mif

Adobe Photoshop-globalvoices

Adobe Photoshop

Supporting the format of the leading imaging and design app. Keeping the design and translating the content to reach new markets: .psd, .eps

Do I Need Multilingual Desktop Publishing?

While DTP translation is important, it is not always necessary; however, if your translated text needs to visually resemble the original as closely as possible, desktop publishing translation should be considered.

This is primarily because translating between certain languages varies the volume of text used; sometimes it is as little as 10%, however it can expand (or contract) by up to 40%. If DTP translation is not used, this change can make the formatting of your documents look visually unbalanced, and therefore potentially less professional.

To complement your DTP translation, Global Voices uses the most up-to-date design software packages such as Quark-Xpress, FrameMaker, Illustrator, Photoshop, PageMaker, Corel and In Design. We can return any translated files to you via email, CD (post), or our secure FTP. Our team of experienced graphic designers will work with you to ensure that your finished desktop publishing translation work is presented accurately, and to the highest standard.
Tell us about your project
Tell us about your project
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