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Valentine’s Day around the world 3

Valentine’s Day around the world

Valentine’s Day is this weekend… It is celebrated all around the world and each country has their own way of displaying their affection.

After all, Valentine’s Day is the day to celebrate love and not only in a couple but between friends and family members. Here are some customs from around the world…

La Saint Valentin in France

In France, like many other couples, the traditional celebration is to invite your date to dinner at a restaurant. The couple can also offer to give each other gifts; mainly flowers, romantic cards or jewellery. In France, it is mainly known as ‘The Lovers’ Day’.

Valentine’s Day in Japan

Different to many countries, there are actually two Valentine’s Days in Japan! On 14th February, women give a gift to their partner with chocolate being the most exchanged gift on this day. Then one month later, on the 14th of March, the men offer a gift to their partner; often known as the ‘White Day’. In South Korea, they also have two days to celebrate Valentine’s Day (14th February; Ladies first and 14th March; when men exchange candles).

Valentinsdag in Denmark

In Denmark, people offer gifts to their relatives in order to express their love towards one another. Mothers, sisters and friends all receive presents and are shown affection. For couples, there is another tradition where men write an anonymous card to their love who then has to guess who sent it.

Valentine’s Day in Syria

Many Syrians believe that Valentine’s Day is a Western trend and should not be celebrate by Muslims, however it has increased in popularity especially amongst youths and is now celebrated by many.

 乞巧节(Qi Qiao Jie) in China

In China, the 14th of February is used for men to visit the Temple of Matchmaker to wish the best for their beloved and prayers are made for your partner. It is also customary for a pair of tropical fish to be given as gifts! Valentine’s Day in China can also be called ‘Daughter’s festival’ or ‘Seventh Sister’s festival’.

Valentine’s Day is growing in popularity and is now celebrated all around the world. How will you be celebrating it this year?

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