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World Water Day 2

World Water Day

22 March 2015

Yesterday was Water World Day, a timely occasion to acknowledge the importance of this commodity that is becoming scarcer and scarcer as the world’s population keeps growing.

The general theme chosen for 2015 was “Water and Sustainable Development” to highlight the significance of integrating water resources management into the sustainable development agenda.

Originally created in 1993 by the United Nations, the Water World Day is still topical today as water is more and more a worrying issue especially in some Third World’s countries. But it will also be a problem for Western ones as the population in cities is increasing and urban resources’ management becomes a struggle.

These figures illustrate the urgency to take action: almost 783 million people in the world don’t have access to clean water, 2.5 billion live in extremely poor sanitary conditions, and that by 2025, two thirds of the population will live under conditions of water scarcity according to the International Water Management Institute.

The alert has been given. The access to clean water is a basic need that we Westerners don’t always think about. However, without that, there is no sanitation or crops or industry, and how would your life be if you had to wake up every morning at 3 am to draw undrinkable water? Yet this is the everyday life of many especially in Sub-Saharan countries.

This issue affects Global Voices’ team and we try to help by encouraging our employees and clients alike to consider their water consumption. You want to know more about our environmental policies? Click the link!

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