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Language School

Featured Post

Learning a Language: Beneficial to you and your business

At its essence, language is our tool to communicate with […]

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mental health in the workplace

Mental Health in The Workplace

An interview with Scott Baxter, Head of HR for Global Voices Our understanding of mental health

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Remote Video Interpretation

Remote Video Interpretation accelerates success of virtual events

The world is getting smaller every day, and that has never been more apparent since the world-wide

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Machine Translations

Machine Translation – A History of Innovation (part 2)

Machine translation is an evolving technology We looked at the history of it last week: how a lack

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Life Science Research

A Global Approach to Life Science Research

The valuable work done in the field of life sciences is proving itself to be more and more vital

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Machine Translation

Machine Translation – A History of Innovation (part 1)

It’s easy to think that machine translation has appeared overnight We see it in everyday life,

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Legal Translation

The Art of Legal Translation

The art of translation is a delicate process, filled with plenty of potential pitfalls and

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