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Translation Services for the NHS

Public service providers such as the NHS, have significant obligations to make their services accessible to people from different backgrounds which often requires a profession and accurate translation service provider.

Global Voices have extensive experience working with Medical Health Professionals due to the trust placed with us. This is often down to our EU 15038 accreditation and ISO certification which ensures our work is carried out to the highest standard.

We understand the limitations in spend and cost in the NHS however it is also vitally important that the quality and accuracy is at the highest level. Global Voices can provide professional and accurate translations at affordable prices.

Reducing Translation Costs for the NHS

Global Voices have developed an innovative technological solution to reduce translation service costs for the NHS. Video Interpretation and the National Databank are an on-demand translation and interpretation service that enables 24/7 access to language interpreters and on-demand orders for translation services.

The solution is perfect for the NHS, enabling instant access to interpreters whereas before doctors and patients had to wait for an interpreter to travel and arrive, or wait for a scheduled appointment.

Additional NHS Services

In addition to our translation services for the NHS, we also provide interpretation services for the NHS. Again, these are provided with the highest standard by linguists who have years’ of experience.

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