Interpretation Services for NHS - Translation Services in the UK

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Interpretation Services for NHS

With public sector budgets under threat in the UK and looking certain to be cut, it will be necessary for the NHS to cut costs in certain areas. With the growing number of non-English speaking patients in the UK, the NHS is constantly using interpretation services to deliver crucial frontline services to these patients.

Global Voices is an ISO 9001:2008 certified translation company and has been providing the NHS with qualified, Disclosure varified interpreters for over five years. We only select interpreters that have training and experience in dealing with medical language and terminology. We can provide interpreters in all major languages to doctor surgeries, hospitals or home visits. We have a vast network of fully qualified interpreters trained to interpret for the NHS and we strive to make sure all of our quality standards are met.

How to Book an Interpreter?

Visit our dedicated NHS Interpreter Booking Form, or call us on 0845 130 1170

Reduce Interpretation Costs

Global Voices has developed an innovative video interpretation system for the NHS – a secure, reliable, web-based, on-demand video interpretation service that enables the NHS to have 24/7 access to any community language or Sign language 365 days of the year!

Global Voices is offering the NHS the chance to reduce interpretation service costs while providing consistently high quality interpretation services with a technological solution.

Find out how Video Interpretation works and request a live demo by calling us on 0845 130 1170, or emailing